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From David Sean Taylor <da...@bluesunrise.com>
Subject Re: it fails in the seed data
Date Mon, 22 Jan 2007 15:51:15 GMT

Tallamraju, Raman wrote:
> We've been saying this since we first started using Jetspeed - I think
> moving to Ant (or at least providing that alternative at the very least)
> would definitely be appreciated by the community. We have had maven
> working for us - but getting new builds to work for all developers has
> been a big hassle. We've beeen getting around this by checking in our
> repo into source control and adding jars to it as needed - in effect
> mimicking what an ant build would do (everybody runs maven in offline
> mode).

Have you tried maintaining a repository on your network?

> Hope to see this build up & running soon.
Let me try to summarize the build issues. There are currently four 
issues with the builds that I am aware of:

1. Custom build for Maven-2 is breaking on the "dbpsml" profile
2. The Maven-1 build is failing on the seed data when using the Derby db
3. The error Michael Timony reported (I can't reproduce this one):


4. The strange 'missing jars' problem described by Mikko Wuokko (I can't 
reproduce this one)

Let me know if I am missing any other issues....

Finally, here is a little poem called "Maven, Maven Mend My Build"

Maven, Maven, mend my build.
Cant get it done with Mavens two.
Maven two the users hate!
Ant gets it done at any rate.

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