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From David Sean Taylor <da...@bluesunrise.com>
Subject Re: Customizer UI
Date Thu, 18 Jan 2007 00:49:40 GMT
Philip Mark Donaghy wrote:
  Hi Dev List,
> I've looked at the dojo widgets and I think the TitlePane would be a good
> way for users to distinguish nested layouts from one another (at least in
> the /portal/ context). A TitlePane that hides all the content of each 
> layout
> including portlets, nested layouts, and the Layout Configuration tool.
> The + (add portlet icon) should be moved to the Layout Configuration tool.
+1 - that way addition of portlets is directly associated to the current 
  fragment set

> Remove completely the Jetspeed Customizer box.
> Change the name Page Configuration to Jetspeed Page Customizer. And move it
> to the top because it only appears once. It could have it's own 
> TitlePane so
> that users can close it while working with the portlets and layouts. The
> interest in doing so being to save vertical space.
> And add a Add Folder input and button to the Jetspeed Page Customizer so
> users can add Folders similar to adding pages.
+1 on all of this, it makes sense

> In addition there is a bug with nested layouts. Nested layouts can only be
> added using the simple theme. And adding a portlet using the nested layout
> adds the portlet to the top level layout. This may be a problem with
> selector.psml and company. But I couldn't build today.
Just for clarification, are you talking about a bug in the /desktop 
customizer or /portal customizer?

Also, we have not agreed upon using Dojo in the /portal customizer, 
currently its all non-dojo customization. I would like to propose that 
we replace the default customizer in /portal mode with the same 
customizer that is used in /desktop mode.

Steve, do you think this is possible?

(Lets keep the emails to one subject. I'll respond on the build error on 
a separate thread.)

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