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From Randy Watler <wat...@wispertel.net>
Subject minimal maven2 build ready to test
Date Sun, 12 Feb 2006 03:19:18 GMT
J2 Dev Team,

The maven2 build seems sufficiently functional to have you all test it
if you find the time. At the moment, it is very minimal; it can
essentially do the following:

- Build Jetspeed2 components and applications,
- populate the test database and run unit tests, and
- populate the production database and deploy to Tomcat 5/5.5.

I have not implemented Derby support, but I plan to be doing that
sometime in the next week. I still have to resolve how best to get Derby
dependencies into the build. It should be simple, but I have not put any
cycles against it to date.

About the only problematic portions of the main build that are left to
resolve are building the site/documentation and the LDAP compiled schema
component. There are a few Maven2 bugs/issues still to be resolved. The
most significant are classloader isolation problems I have encountered
with our Spring based testcases... these have forced me to fork the
component test cases so test result output to the build console is not
available and the reports must be scanned for failure information.

I have tested the 1.4 and 1.5 JVMs on Linux fairly extensively. Here are
the essential operations required to perform the existing build

1. Acquire Maven2 2.0.2 and install as you feel fit, (both mavens can be
installed on the path simultaneously).
2. Create ~/.m2 and copy settings.xml.sample from the J2 root dir into
it. Modify as you would build.properties in the existing Maven1 build.
3. Execute 'mvn -P test' in the J2 root dir to execute a full build with
tests. To skip the tests, one can run just 'mvn'. Be prepared, the
download of dependencies is more extensive with a Maven2 repository.
4. To install into Tomcat, execute 'mvn -P tomcat'. One can skip
straight to this command since it performs the base build as well.
5. As with Maven1, the '-o' option can be supplied to force the build
into offline mode after the repository has been built.

Any and all feedback is welcome. The build is captured entirely in the
'pom.xml' and 'build.xml' files throughout the source tree. I have opted
to construct the build w/o any custom plugins and rely on the builtin
antrun Maven2 plugin to do the miscellaneous build dirty work. My plans
are to construct a Maven2 archetype to replace the existing Maven1
genapp plugin goals. I am not sure that will do everything we want, but
we'll see when we get there.

I am planning on taking a breather on this work to give you all some
time to evaluate and comment what I have done to date. Please respond to
this thread with all feedback. Eventually, I will push forward after
addressing/accommodating all of your concerns.



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