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From "Scott T Weaver" <scotts-jetspeed-l...@binary-designs.net>
Subject RE: [VOTE] J2 Bulid: Ant vs. Maven
Date Mon, 20 Feb 2006 19:10:29 GMT
+1 for Ant.  (Haven't looked at Maven 2.0, and honestly I don't care to.   I
really don't want to learn another build system)

It has been over a month since I totally ditched the maven-plugin for a
custom ant script.  All I do (in my ant script) is pull down the pre-built
jetspeed-2.0.war, explode it into a temp build directory, then copy
changes/additions from my dev environment.  We use our own dependencies task
we have had for some time now to pull down deps from both maven repos and
local ones.  I manually run the SQL myself as I suspect most self-respecting
admins/developers do anyways ;)

I no longer have to worry about maven's crappy caching mechanism or figuring
which version of the plugin my project is using.  The other bonus (which has
already been stated) is other developers can easily understand what is going
since my ant script is patterned after standard ant template we use here.


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> From: Randy Watler [mailto:watler@wispertel.net]
> Sent: Monday, February 20, 2006 1:42 PM
> To: Jetspeed Developers List
> Subject: [VOTE] J2 Bulid: Ant vs. Maven
> All,
> We now have a marginal Maven2 build that is capable of building J2 and
> installing on Tomcat. While it has been fun reinventing the wheel for
> the Nth time, it is time to get serious about the J2 build. Here are the
> options:
> 1. Continue on with Maven1/J2 plugin.
> 2. Step up and complete the Maven2 build and create an archetype to
> replace the genapp capabilities.
> 3. Ditch maven and go with Ant.
> We need to vote on this before I or anyone else puts more sunk time into
> the build. Here are some of the issues:
> 1. Ant is simple and everyone understands it.
> 2. Maven1 and the plugin are not stable and are generally complex.
> 3. Maven2 has simplified things in some ways, but made them more complex
> in other ways with the pom.xml inheritance and transitive dependencies.
> 4. Ant build.xml files can become unmanageable.
> 5. Maven2 may not be sufficiently mature for our use; we have
> encountered several bugs and have used some ugly workarounds for even
> our simple build cases handled to date.
> 6. J2 users have not been exposed to maven, and it can become a
> liability quickly since they expect Ant like builds.
> 7. All IDEs, including Eclipse, can natively build Ant based projects.
> 8. When the BSR or other repos are down, the Maven offline builds are
> hopeless.
> 9. The training/learning curve with maven is hurting acceptance of the
> J2 portal solution.
> 10. The repository in Maven2 will become even more difficult to manage
> with the transitive dependencies: in the end, we will be forced to
> manage our own repository and all of the J2 users will need to do the
> same.
> I am sure there are more... this is not exactly a new topic for any of
> us. We are just at the point where we need to make a final decision that
> can stand the test of time... J2 needs our cycles, not the build
> environment. I am willing to put more time into the build no matter
> which way we choose to go... but not unless there is a consensus on the
> matter.
> Randy
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