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From "Davy De Waele" <sebu...@pandora.be>
Subject RE: LDAP in Jetspeed-2.0
Date Fri, 03 Feb 2006 01:23:53 GMT

Yes they are ... there is also support for LDAP authorization as well.
(Allowing you to store groups/role in the LDAP and manage user
membership to them)

The basic steps to configure jetspeed for ldap are outlined on the
jetspeed website (Security - Authentication - LDAP). 

There are 2 files you'll need to place in the jetspeed\WEB-INF\assembly
directory. (and 1 file you'll need to remove). Everything is in head.

The ldap implementation is encapsulated in the jetspeed-security library

Are you comfortable building jetspeed from source? If not, you could
just upgrade your jetspeed-security-2.0.jar.

Unfortunately it's 2:23am over here and I have to get an early start
tomorrow so its goodnight for me for now.

I've included the jetspeed.schema file that I used on my OpenLDAP. 

If you have any problems setting it up please let me know



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Van: Roger Ruttimann [mailto:roger.ruttimann@earthlink.net] 
Verzonden: vrijdag 3 februari 2006 2:04
CC: 'Jetspeed Developers List'
Onderwerp: Re: LDAP in Jetspeed-2.0

Thanks for the quick response. Are the changes in the j2-head?

Yes, please send me the steps to configure the beans so that 
authentication will work for encrypted passwords as well. I know other 
people that are interested in this as well.


Davy De Waele wrote:

>The LDAP implementation that's in the 2.0 release doesn't support this.
>It will only work with clear text passwords. 
>A patch has been applied to the codebase that fixes this but I have no
>visibility on future releases that will include this.
>I could assist you in patching your current 2.0 release (upgrading the
>security components library and reconfiguring the authorization beans
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>Van: Roger Ruttimann [mailto:roger.ruttimann@earthlink.net] 
>Verzonden: vrijdag 3 februari 2006 1:14
>Aan: jetspeed-dev@portals.apache.org
>Onderwerp: LDAP in Jetspeed-2.0
>I have Jetspeed-2 running using  OpenLDAP for authentication. It all 
>works fine.
>The only use I see so far is that I can only authenticate with LDAP if 
>the passwords in LDAP are not encrypted.
>I'm just wondering if I miss a configuration settings since I assume 
>that the passwords in the credential stores is always encrypted.
>Any comments?
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