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From David Jencks <david_jen...@yahoo.com>
Subject Code style conventions
Date Sun, 29 Jan 2006 21:36:23 GMT
Before I start, I would like to thank David le Strat for promptly  
applying my patches for JS2-475.  I realize that must have been  
somewhat difficult.  Although it might not sound that way :-), I'd  
like to help find a way to make it easier to make patches in the  
future, not criticize what anyone has done so far.

After submitting some patches with really large amounts of  
unintentional white space differences, I finally consulted the  
portals coding guidelines at http://portals.apache.org/development/ 
code-standards.html , and now have some questions.

First of all, I don't think the advice to always use unix lf end of  
line is consistent with the apache svn policy/recommendation http:// 
www.apache.org/dev/version-control.html which requests svn:eol-style  
native.  There is a very useful file at http://www.apache.org/dev/svn- 

Second, this policy is not followed consistently.  Many of the files  
I modified have cr-lf line endings.  This can be fixed by explicitly  
setting the svn:eol-style to native but it results in large diffs.   
There are scripts that will go through and change this for all java  

Thirdly, there are an enormous number of lines ending with variable  
amounts of white space.  AFAIK most modern IDEs trim this whenever  
saving: IDEA certainly does and when I used emacs I set it to do  
this.  I suggest adding "no trailing white space" to the coding  
guidelines.  This makes it extremely diffiicult to create a  
reasonable patch: I have to look in idea to see what needs fixing,  
and change it in emacs, save, and see if I broke anything in idea.   
If I make a change in idea, the resulting patch is mostly whitespace  

Fourthly, the coding guidelines indicate that javadocs are required.   
I've seen a lot of files that don't have javadocs at all, and almost  
all files I've looked at have errors in their javadocs.  Many of the  
patched files I submitted had extensive javadoc corrections which  
were not applied with the functional changes.  Does this mean that in  
fact javadoc is not expected to be correct, javadoc is deprecated,  
javadoc patches should be supplied separately from functional  
patches, or that in the case of my patches they were just too big to  
understand at once?  Clarification on the code guidelines page would  
be useful.

Lastly, there are also numerous violations of other coding standards  
in code such as:

if (foo) {
rather than
if (foo)

if (false=foo)
rather than
if (!foo)


Iterator iterator = myList.iterator();
while (iterator.hasNext())

rather than
for (Iterator iterator = myList.iterator(); iterator.hasNext(); )

Again, my corrections along these lines were not applied with the  
functional changes: does that mean that the coding standards are  
wrong, separate patches are requested for such changes, or again that  
my patches were too big?

Anyone with IDEA can fix the white space at end of line and misplaced  
{} problems with one command and a couple minutes for IDEA to  
reformat the project.  I'm happy to supply a patch but it would be  
enormous and probably painful to apply.  I'd like to know what the  
actual policy is on the other code standard violations is before I  
invest more time making changes.

many thanks,
david jencks

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