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From Lizann Epley <ladyh...@uoblivion.com>
Subject custom portal deployment - deploymentManager bean creation error
Date Sun, 08 Jan 2006 13:21:00 GMT
Hi All,

I sent this to the user group list bt thought I might have a batter 
chance at a response here....
I have been studying Jetspeed for a couple of months now. Please 
understand - I came from a MSVC++ world and am new not only to jetspeed 
but to... well.. all things apache ; )

I am working with: Tomcat 5.5.12, Jetspeed 2 (release), Maven 1.0.2, 
JDK-1_5_0_06, ant 1.6.5 on XP Pro. My props are listed below.

So far here is where I am: I have a custom portal and a customized 
install builder (multi-developer environment, otherwise would not have 
done this). The install builder seems to be working properly for 
deploying tomcat with the portal, however... When I launch Tomcat I am 
getting an error from the deployment app when it is trying to deploy the 
portlets. It appears that the portal itself is deploying - the dir 
structure is properly expanded.

Surely I have made a simple mistake as far as a property or failure to 
properly update an xml file, but I am hoping someone can give me a quick 
point in the right direction..
It appears to be failing during the deployment of the j2-admin portlet. 
The dir structure for this portlet has only two files in the web-inf\lib 
dir (portals-bridges-jsf-1.0.jar and tomahawk-1.1.0.jar), and that's all 
that is in this context path.

The Tomcat.log (using log4j) has:
ERROR Timer-0 
- JetspeedContainerServlet: initialization failed for Portlet 
Application at: j2-admin



   at java.util.TimerThread.mainLoop(Timer.java:512)
   at java.util.TimerThread.run(Timer.java:462)
The Tomcat console has (along with a bunch of other stuff...)
(while adding portals-bridges-velocity-1.0.jar to the classpath for 
with DEBUG logging on:
org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanCreationException: Error creating 
bean with name 'deploymentManager' defined in ServletContext resource 
[/WEB-INF/assembly/deployment.xml]: Initialization of bean failed; 
nested exception is java.lang.IncompatibleClassChangeError: null

with WARN debugging on:
Exception in thread "Autodeployment File Scanner Thread" 
java.lang.IncompatibleClassChangeError at 

next line indicates this call is from:

from my maven debug output (shows prop settings that are registering 
from root custom portal dir) - this pulls from both USER_HOME 
build.properties and my project.properties file:
__  __
|  \/  |__ _Apache__ ___
| |\/| / _` \ V / -_) ' \  ~ intelligent projects ~
|_|  |_\__,_|\_/\___|_||_|  v. 1.0.2


 Maven Local Home       = c:/apache/.maven
 Maven Local Repository = c:/apache/.maven/repository
 basedir                = c:\MyPortal  (from Ant)
 Custom Portal Props:
   portal home    = c:\MyPortal
   groupId        = MyCompany
   artifactId     = myPortal
   portal name    = PortalOfMine
   portal version = 3.0
   Generation Props:
     store tomcat's config file (context.xml) in       = target/portal-conf
     directory with generated and static sql scripts   = target/portal-sql
     directory to place production database in         = 
target/portal-db      target directory for the (static) webapp files    
= src/webapp
     target directory for the filtered ojb config and
            jetspeed.properties file                   = target/myPortal
   DB: portal db directory                             =
 Production Database Properties:    db name   = derby
   URL       = 
   user name =
   password  =
   driver    = org.apache.derby.jdbc.EmbeddedDriver
 Portal Server Properties:
   server home                  = c:/apache/apache-tomcat-5.5.12
   shared directory             = 
   directory for war deployment = c:/apache/apache-tomcat-5.5.12/webapps/
   autodeployment user name     = j2deployer
   autodeployment password      = j2deployer
   catalina version major       = 5
Total time: 11 seconds
Finished at: Fri Jan 06 14:53:51 EST 2006

My current next step to find the problem is placing more debug into the 
jetspeed source (simple logging) to try to get a better idea of what is 

Thanks for your help.

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