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From David Sean Taylor <da...@bluesunrise.com>
Subject Re: Reorganizing Jetspeed repository
Date Tue, 03 Jan 2006 19:01:09 GMT
Ate Douma wrote:
>>> I don't want to restart the discussion we had about this subject last
>>> month on
>>> the general@ list, but I'd like to see a more architectural discussion
>>> first which
>>> components are to be considered not j2-specific or portals generic
>>> before we
>>> start moving things around.
Why don't we move ALL components out to the jetspeed components project?
Yes, this does mean everything.... but if that makes it easier to build 
the system, and to reuse the components to build different 
configurations of jetspeed, then isnt that a good thing?

Im going to give this a try...


Here are the top level directories currently in J2:

app-servers	- move to configurations
applications	- move to applications
archives	- do we need this?
commons		- move to jetspeed-components/commons
components	- move to components
content-server  - drop
design-docs	- move to docs
docs            - move to docs
etc		- move to configuration
graphic_design  - move to docs
installer	- move to installers
installer2	- move to installers
jetspeed-api	- move to jetspeed-api
layout-portlets -
maven-plugin	- move to configuration
patched-jars	- ?
portlet-api	- drop
src		- move to configurations
taglibs		- move to applications
xdocs		- move to docs

Basically we are breaking Jetspeed apart.
There will be nothing left but configurations!
We are victims of our own component architecture :)
Thats why Im leaving the jetspeed name on both the api and components.
We could also call these portals-api or portals-components or just plain 
components or api...but I think anything other than the jetspeed name 
seems a bit destructive. I mean do we want to kill the jetspeed name 
just after our final release? :)
Or is jetspeed now nothing more than just another configuration of 
"components". I think the jetspeed team is in a funny situation. We want 
others to use our api and components, but we don't want to give up the 

I also think we need to make a pass over the components
All of the components found under components/portals should be moved to 
top level components

Are any of the components "jetspeed" specific?
You could argue that the engine or the pipeline is

As for the build, we need to switch over to Maven-2
This refactoring and build conversion seems like a lot of work
Using a branch to do so might be the best solution
Its either that or we all stop developing against the trunk for a few 
days and work together to migrate

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