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From "David H. DeWolf" <ddew...@apache.org>
Subject Portlet Container Integration
Date Tue, 08 Nov 2005 01:08:19 GMT
Hello Jetspeed!

I've taken a cursory glance at jetspeed's integration with pluto to 
start thinking about the migration of jetspeed to pluto 1.1.  I noticed 
a few things that I found interesting and was wondering if I could 
gather some feedback from those of you that are more familiar with jetspeed.

Of particular interest was the fact that you use more than one invoker 
implementation.  I was rather surprised by this simply because IMHO the 
invoker itself is at the core of the container implementation.  That 
said, once I dove a little deeper I found that this is required in order 
to support some sort of "hot deployment" feature where the portal picks 
up potlet apps which are placed in a specific directory.  Is this correct?

If so, would you mind providing an overview of how you support the rest 
of the servlet specification (as required by the portlet spec) without 
deploying the portlet apps directly in the app server?

In addition to this, if any of you have a chance to take a look at pluto 
1.1 (now the trunk) and provide any feedback regarding any other "big 
holes" that you see preventing jetspeeds migration to 1.1, it would be 
very appreciated.



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