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From Ate Douma <...@douma.nu>
Subject Re: Building bridges.
Date Fri, 10 Jun 2005 19:41:27 GMT
Raphaƫl Luta wrote:
> Ate Douma wrote:
>>> do you have any ready to go overall home page for bridges ?
>> I wish I already had :-)
> Thought so ;)

>> I'm a bit overloaded with other tasks at the moment but I can try to come
>> up with an initial version sometimes this weekend.
>> Maybe the repository for bridges could already be created (and access 
>> granted).
>> Then I can start building up the project definition and initial xdocs
>> (assuming xdocs is still what we are going to use, even for forrest).
> No problem, i can move the bridge code around in SVN to create a standalone
> repository.
> Someone from infra@ will have to tie the commit messages to 
> bridges-dev@portals.
> Before doing a wide announce on bridges we need :
> - a bridges website
> - a fleshed out xdocs documentation for some of the bridges (like Perl 
> or PHP
>   who have none so far AFAIK)
> - proabbly some independantly released artefacts. (although this could be
>   the first item discussed on bridges-dev@).
> I won't be available over the week-end to move stuff around so I'll try 
> to do it
> tonight if noone objects else on tuesday.
I'm not 100% sure what you plan to do, but if you intend to *move* the current
portals-bridges subprojects from the jetspeed-2 repo, you're gonna break the
jetspeed-2 build configuration unless you intend to handle that too?

What I suggested was *only* create the portals-bridges repo itself (no move yet)
so I and others can start working on the site documentation. And only after
that's done and we are ready for the announcement move the source.

Without the wide announcement on bridges (when the site and repo is ready), new
users wanting to build from the source (checking out through svn) will end up in
trouble because the bridges are gone and they've got no hint where to find it...

But, maybe I'm overlooking something or just don't understand the plan.
If you don't think there will be problems like these, please go ahead: the sooner
the better ;-)


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