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From Ate Douma <...@douma.nu>
Subject Re: Jetspeed 2 M4 focus: Documentation !
Date Sun, 05 Jun 2005 20:45:48 GMT
Sorry for the delayed response.
Comments below.

Raphaƫl Luta wrote:
> How:
> ----
> Providing there's approval within the community for this drive, I 
> propose that
> we tackle it in this order :
> #1 Move to SVN.
>   This will make any refactoring/repackaging much easier.
> #2 Start a thread on how to manage our java packages and adopt a clear 
> package
>   naming policy for the different main code blocks:
>   - jetspeed-api
>   - jetspeed engine core components
>   - jetspeed engine optional components
>   - application level code (admin stuff, portlet stuff, etc...)
>   - generic utility code
> #3 Update Javadocs and assembly files as soon as possibly :
>   - if possible go through all the different classes and document them 
> at least
>     at a basic level of details
>   - at the very least, whenever working on a class make sure to comment 
> this
>     class before committing

> #4 Rework the user documentation and developer design docs or HOWTO
>    Update and reorganize the existing design-docs, move to forrest
As I don't know yet forrest, could you give a short summary what we will gain by
moving to forrest (and what we might lose)?
I'm not against changing to forrest, but I'd like to know why we should do so...
For what I've seen from forrest sites so far, some things look very nice, but it
seems to have some (serious?) layout problems too.
How stable/complete is it and how difficult is it to use and to get it "right"?

> Task #1 is underway
> Task #2 should be approached as a group and I think will be pretty easy 
> to so thaks to IDE power.
Refactoring itself is very easy to do these days. But redefining packaging
shouldn't be taken too lightly. In my experience, finding a good or even "best" package naming
and structure is one of the hardest thing in coding and usually subject to personal taste
as well.

> Task #3 really requires the active collaboration of everybody 
> knowledgeable with
> the code
> I volunteer to drive #4 and complete the forrest site I've started.

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