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From "Heins, Hendrik" <hendrik.he...@evodion.de>
Subject RE: Question about Portlet-URLs and PortletSessions
Date Fri, 25 Feb 2005 10:42:26 GMT
Maybe i did not explain very well what i mean. I'll try again :

I have a portlet application ("myportletapp") composed of a portlet ("fooPortlet") and 
a servlet ("bahServlet").

A URL to the portlet looks something like that :


But a URL to the servlet like that :


How can these requests be in the same session ? They just cannot be in the same
session because they refer two different paths ( two different contexts ) even though
they belong to the same portlet application! 
Portlet spec says that a request to a portlet and a request to a servlet of the same
portlet application must be in the same session.

Why do PortletURLs refer to the portal and not directly to the portlet itself ? Imagine a

PortletURL would look like that :
Then a request to the servlet ( http.//localhost/myportletapp/bahServlet )
would automaticly be recognized by the app server as belonging to the same session.
Are there any reasons why a PortletURL refers to the portal ? I dont't see the advantage...

> Action and Render URLs are written back to the portal.
> The portal figures out that an action is requested for a 
> given portlet 
> (in the ns: url the action is encoded), dispatches to the portlet to 
> execute the action, and then renders the whole page

Well, i think that is the problem, because Action and Render URLs refer to the portal 
but a URL to a servlet inside a portlet-application does not !

> The servlet spec says that:
> HttpSession objects must be scoped at the application (or servlet 
> context) level.
> The underlying mechanism, such as the cookie used to establish the 
> session, can be the same for different contexts, but the object 
> referenced, including the attributes in that object, must never be 
> shared between contexts by the container.

Thats right, but i don't want to share a session between contexts.
I want to my jsps, servlets and portlets that belong to one portlet application
to have the same session, as it is described in portlet specification.

> > PS: When will JS1.6 Fusion be released ?
> > 
> well im just swamped with work lately, 1.6 is pretty much ready to go
> maybe i can find some time next week...
> im sorry, but someone else could step up, because im 
> currently in full 
> swing of a very aggressive project development cycle and im 
> finding it 
> difficult to find time to even respond to this list these days

I'm looking forward to the release !

Best regards
Hendrik Heins

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