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From Ate Douma <...@douma.nu>
Subject Jetspeed-2: Drop support for Tomcat 4...? Please comment/vote!
Date Tue, 01 Mar 2005 03:16:11 GMT
Dear developer team and users,

I've been working the last two weeks (off and on) on a new and much simplified deployment
for Jetspeed-2 which builds mainly on official Servlet specification (2.3) features.
See JIRA: http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/JS2-210

I expect that with this solution, deployment for Application servers other than Tomcat will
become much easier
to implement and support.

I've got this working already beautifully on Tomcat 5 (5.0.28) and with a few nice side-effects
- the Jetspeed-2 context isn't fixed at /jetspeed any more
- multiple layout portlet applications can be deployed/used at the same time
   for both see:
- no more temporarily expanded wars in the java.io.tmpdir to workaround classloading issues
- much quicker startup

To be honest, my refactoring isn't finished yet and some features currently available will
have to be
reimplemented (differently) like undeployment.


I can't get the redeployment working flawlessly under Tomcat 4.1 (tested with 4.1.30 and 4.1.31).
Tomcat 4 won't always release certain jars in deployed applications when doing an undeployment
or redeployment while this
is no problem with Tomcat 5.0.
Furthermore, auto redeployment of war files isn't available at all in Tomcat 4: you need to
use the TomcatManager
to remove an existing application first (which sometimes fails) before a new application can
tried to be deployed

And then, There are other serious problems with Tomcat 4 too like no separate sessions for
the portal and portlet applications
(which is a *serious* security breach and the foremost reason I myself won't use Tomcat 4
for Portals anymore).

The Pluto Team won't even use Tomcat 5.0 anymore and require Tomcat 5.5.7 or higher because
Tomcat 5.0 also has a session bug
in which a Portlet Application and its Web application don't share the same session when invoked
(as they should according to the portlet specification).

Both the development of Tomcat 4 and Tomcat 5.0 has largely come to an end, except for really
nasty bugs, but the onces I
described above aren't regarded as such by the Tomcat team :-(

Al in all, to me the question right now is: do we really, really need to keep supporting Tomcat
For my deployment refactorings it poses a problem I don't have time left to further investigate
(nor do I have any hope it
*can* be resolved). As long as we need to support Tomcat 4, I can't commit my changes...

I'd like to hear from both team members and users who absolutely require Tomcat 4 support
for Jetspeed-2 and why.
And, if there are no big objections, I'd like to vote on dropping Tomcat 4 support!

Please comment,


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