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From zazo <z...@tlen.pl>
Subject JSP decorator
Date Thu, 24 Feb 2005 17:51:27 GMT
Hello everyone,

I have J2 checkouted from CVS. What I'm trying to do is to replace
vm decorators with jsp. I've got 2 questions.

--- 1. How to do I initialize/use JetspeedPowerTool in custom JSP
decorator page. I had modified LayoutPortlet.java before I tried to
use jsp like this:

JetspeedPowerTool jpt = new JetspeedPowerTool(pageContext);

Then I got:

JetspeedRequestDispatcher failed to include servlet resources.
(details below)
Exception: org.apache.jasper.JasperException
Message: JetspeedPowerTool has not been properly initialized. The
JetspeedPowerTool generally only usuable during the rendering phase
of internal portlet applications.

Stack Trace:

--- 2. Is there any way to make layout.properties work with other
extensions (.jsp). I do realize that this question is similar to one
from this page
but I hope maybe you have some other clues.

Thanks for any help!

Best regards,


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