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From zazo <z...@tlen.pl>
Subject Page rebuilding and caching
Date Thu, 10 Feb 2005 09:56:53 GMT
Hi all,

I'm trying to add to J2 some kind of security constraints at the
level of a single portlet. It's supposed to be as simple as
possible. To achive this goal I'm using portlet enitity's
preferences. I modified a little bit PageAggregatorImpl and
according to these preferences above I can decide about page
structure (which portlets should be hidden to logged user).

The problem is that every time I rebuild the page:

1. I get this message

[org.apache.ojb.broker.core.PersistenceBrokerImpl] WARN: No running
tx found, please only store in context of an PB-transaction, to
avoid side-effects - e.g. when rollback of complex objects

but, the portlet that I don't want to be shown, disappers. So far,
so good.

2. Even after I had changed preferences in database back to their
previous values (before page rebulding) the portlets that
disappeared don't appear again.

I belive this is somehow connected with J2 caching system. Is there
any way to avoid it? Or even better, to use it the way I would like to? 

By 'my way' I mean situation when I have one psml file common for
couple of users. Let's say it has 3 portlets in it (A,B,C).
According to the user logged in page appearance is diffrent. User 1
sees only portlet A on the page, and user 2 sees A and B...

I know that this problem can be solved by using different psml files
for different users, but this is not the way I would like to have
it. It's far more easy for my to configure to portald doing it the
way I described.

I belive I described my problem and what I would like to achive
quite clearly. If not feel free to ask for more detailed
information. I am aware that my English can be understoodble only
for me ;)

Sorry for pretty long post.

Any help will be appreciate. Thanks!


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