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From "Applied_MATSUDA Masaaki" <m.mats...@appliedjapan.com>
Subject Please help PSML merging feature
Date Tue, 09 Nov 2004 12:10:46 GMT

I am thinking how to merge elements in PSML file, but I have no idea of
actual coding. Please help.

First, I made WYSIWYG-edit portlet which is very very usable on Jetspeed 
to create and maintein local HTML contents. and I can be so much happy 
happy happy then I don't need any other portlet :-)

Using WYSIWYG-edit portlet makes me very fun to create sites on Jetspeed,
but I am tired when adding a lot of tabs, menus, WYSIWYG-edit portlets 
and I wonder if PSML merging can be possible, making template PSML 
previously will help creating sites.

For example,
[part_template.psml] in
  - Menu controller and one default "untitled" menu.
  - One default "untitled" WYSIWYG-editportlet.

[default.psml] (You know default user profile) in
  blank, for this example.

When Loggin in to Jetspeed and you will see a blank page.
Enter page customize mode.
Add tab and input tab title, *and specify an element in PSML template*.
Then you have no need to add a menu and a portlet, skins, securities, 
and so on...
When adding menu, it is best to automatically added a child element in 
template PSML. (Then you have no need to add a portlet.)

I want to implement above feature, but I don't know how.
My idea that how to approach is,
1. Specify locator and get template PSML object.
2. Get child node object of template PSML object.
3. Specify locator and get current(default) PSML object.
4. Create tab node on current PSML object.
5. Copy child node of template PSML object under current tab object.
6. Store current PSML object.

Please, please someone help.
# please forget "reference to PSML" feature. 

My final goal is implementation of page design templating.

MATSUDA "TigerCat" Masaaki

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