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From Ate Douma <...@douma.nu>
Subject Re: Jetspeed 2 download
Date Fri, 21 May 2004 09:05:07 GMT
Hi Vikas,

First of all some cvs pointers (you will need them if you plan to use J2 
right now).

Jakarta CVS Repository:
CVS Home (all things cvs):
	http://www.cvshome.org (currently down?)

About Jetspeed 2:
Note that it isn't production ready yet. and you'll have to use cvs to 
get the latest and greatest :-)
The developers group is very active though and the progress speed is 
increasing. It is our hope to release a beta version sometimes this 
summer. But you will have to expect many changes and restructurings the 
coming months (a big one is done right now).

About the Struts support:
I've created the struts-portlet framework for J2 and I can confirm it 
The struts-portlet is going to be used by one of my clients in 
production and it will probably be used within J2 itself as well.

There are some restriction though: some because of the portlet api which 
will apply to *any* web application framework and some related to the 
current state of struts and the struts-portlet.

I've migrated the original struts example demo application to J2.
If you build and deploy J2 following the Getting Started guidelines from 
the website (http://portals.apache.org/jetspeed-2/getting-started.html) 
this demo portlet is build and deployed as well.
You will find some preliminary documentation for the struts-portlet 
framework in README.txt located in the struts-portlet subproject (I'll 
have to improve that soon now others are going to look at it).
Or read it online: 

If you are going to try it out or, even better, are going to use it, 
please share you're experiences on this list. I, and I think many 
others, will appreciate that very much and it will help me create the 
documentation you need.

A few last things:
Don't use the jakarta-jetspeed-2-cvs list, it is mainly used by the cvs 
repository itself. Furthermore, please prefix your subject with [J2] if 
its J2 related only as is our convention.



Vikas Gupta wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am planning to download jetspeed 2 to evaluate if jetspeed - struts can
> work together. I read it somewhere that Jetspeed 2 does support struts.
> Has anybody implemented Jetspeed and Struts successfully??
> Also, I have never used cvs before, can anyone sugget how do I go about it.
> Any help is highly appreciated.
> Thanks 
> Vikas
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