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From David Le Strat <dlest...@yahoo.com>
Subject RE: JSR170 and JCMS2
Date Thu, 20 May 2004 13:13:46 GMT

Thanks for your response, I added some comments below.
> BEA Portal has a really nice concept of a
> meta-content manager (based on
> their own api/spi spec) Their meta-management
> facility allows an
> administrator to configure any compliant CMS using
> an administrative
> portlet. Then you place content into portlets -
> however they do it? With
> Websphere Portal's wpcp it was special tags read at
> deployment that you
> associated content from the repo to do a mapping.
> My POV is that jsr-170 would allow jetspeed to
> publish admin and tags that
> could do the same thing, without the undue burden of
> having to provide
> implementations for a bunch (of course hopefully CMS
> vendors to provide the
> implmentations.)

+1. I totally agree with this.  As you pointed out,
BEA portal leverage JSR170 to provide an abstraction
layer to other content management engines.  So if you
are an Interwoven and want to expose your content
management capabilities to the portal, you write an
implementation that plugin into the JSR170 (in BEA
world, they call it the CMSPI).

The interesting part with that is that your portal can
now talk to all kind of CMS systems and your code in
your portlets never has to change.  So if J2 were to
develop generic portlets leveraging content
management, users of J2 could swap out the default J2
content management implementation (JCMS ;)) with what
ever other CMS they want to leverage.  I believe that
this would be quite powerful.

My 2 cents as well.


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