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From j...@apache.org
Subject [jira] Closed: (JS2-47) OJB problems: Failure to run RoleSecurityTest Portlet
Date Sat, 22 May 2004 17:44:01 GMT

   The following issue has been closed.

   Resolver: David Le Strat
       Date: Sat, 22 May 2004 10:43 AM

Applied patch from Ate Douma.
I am opening a new issue for the NodeImpl ClassNotFound issue.
View the issue:

Here is an overview of the issue:
        Key: JS2-47
    Summary: OJB problems: Failure to run RoleSecurityTest Portlet
       Type: Bug

     Status: Closed
   Priority: Blocker
 Resolution: FIXED

    Project: Jetspeed 2
   Fix Fors:

   Assignee: David Le Strat
   Reporter: Ate Douma

    Created: Sat, 22 May 2004 10:16 AM
    Updated: Sat, 22 May 2004 10:43 AM
Environment: Windows XP SP1, Tomcat 4.1.29, J2SE 1.4.2_03

The latest changes in cvs have broken the RoleSecurityTest portlet. It seems that most these
problems are caused by the upgrade to OJB-1.0-rc6.

On the mailing list there is a thread going on about this:

I've looked into this and created a multi-file patch to solve a few of the problems which
I will attach it to this issue.

By removing the proxy="dynamic" for SecurityRoleRefImpl and SecurityRoleImpl I got rid of
the RowReader exception as predicted by Scott. Although this is a quick fix I certainly don't
like it we need to fall back to this to be able to use OJB.
Certainly these classloader problems MUST be resolved I think to be able to rely on OJB in
the future.

Then I fixed a NPE in ServletRequestImpl where the size of a returned USER_INFO map is logged.
If its null that leads of course to a NPE.

Finally, I modified the demo security/roles.jsp to only display the USER_INFO when a user
is logged on (no use testing this for a non-logged on user as it MUST be null in that case).

Although the class not found error on o.a.j.prefs.om.impl.NodeImpl is still thrown and displayed
(only) in the console the page now is rendered without a problem. Seems the exception is suppressed
somewhere in the code or just not communicated back into the application?

For these three changes, and the modifications I made to the .classpath to get Eclipse building
again, I created a multi-file patch.

I did send a message to the list with the Eclipse .classpath patch earlier but for some reason
I haven't received it back (yet). Something wrong with the list or yaybe I'm not allowed to
attach a patch file? 

Well, here is the reason for the .classpath fix:
The .classpath problems are related to multiple log4j.properties and Log4j.properties files
causing Eclipse having a conflict which file to copy to its bin folder and also a conflict
with the mixed case of these files. I resolved this by setting an exclusion filter on all

I will continue looking into the NodeImpl class not found exception... 

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