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From David Sean Taylor <da...@bluesunrise.com>
Subject [J2] container assembly scripts
Date Wed, 10 Mar 2004 03:57:04 GMT
I've been working with the Groovy container assembly scripts, and have 
written quite a few myself.
Must admit its quite cool (groovy!).
Now that we have a way to include assembly scripts into other scripts, 
I think we should standardize on a few things.

1. put all scripts under a package named 
org.apache.jetspeed.{component}.containers to make it easier to find 
and override containers
2. use the NanoQuickAssembler (or some derivative) to assemble other 
3. documentation: have an Assembly page on the J2 website (im working 
on it) that gives an overview of assemblies standards and instructs how 
to use each assembly script

Many of my scripts are standardized yet, I will be updating them over 
the next few days

Im just wondering if we are creating configuration 'challenges' for 
integrators and administrators.
If an integrator or administrator wants to swap out a service, they 
must put their own assembly script in the class path.
This process does not require opening up the jar and replacing the 
Simply put the new assembly script in the class path ahead of the jar, 
such as in the WEB-INF/classes directory for example.

With CPS, the administrator would edit a property file, and replace 
DBPSML with CastorPSML service for example.
For me, I prefer assembly scripts hands down, and its quite easy for me 
to make these changes.
Im just wondering how others feel about editing Groovy scripts and 
putting them in the class path.
I believe  if we document the process well, it should be sufficient 

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