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From "Roger Ruttimann" <roger.ruttim...@earthlink.net>
Subject [J2] build failures & TestCapability
Date Sun, 29 Feb 2004 02:04:08 GMT
When we are loading the client classes all associated collections mimtypes
(from table: CLIENT_TO_MIMETYPE) and capabilities are populated. The
populated values are half-way ok. It fails for ID's with the value of 0

With other words, when the clients are loaded
JetspeedCapabilities.getClients() brings in the client class and the
associated classes for mimetypes and capabilities.

The mimtypes values are correct and the ID's are correct except for the ID =
The capabilities are correct and the ID's are correct except for ID = 0!

It seems that OJB/Persistence plugin fails on the ID value of 0. It assigns
the next available value. It worked before so I don't think it's a problem
in HSQL.

--> All the entries in the capability tables should have ID's != 0. We would
have tio check other tables as well.
--> Checking why ID's of 0 are treated differently in the Persistence

I run out of time right now but I'll continue on this tomorrow.

Any comments


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