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From Jun Yang <juny...@cisco.com>
Subject Re: [J2] Cornerstone stack overflow
Date Tue, 02 Dec 2003 18:47:37 GMT
Yes, Bill, that is the fix.  Thank you so much!


Barnhill William wrote:

> Hi Jun,
> Your welcome, just happy I can start contributing a little instead of 
> spouting opinions.
> FYI, this problem occurred with the zip file version of the sources 
> and a little further tracking tracked it to
> org.apache.cornerstone.framework.api.core.BaseException::getCause
> Looking at that method it looked like you could have an infinite loop 
> if the cause of the original exception was null, so I ...
> 1) commented out extra code in that method
> 2) changed it to return super.getCause()
> 3) re-tested
> And no stack overflow
> Granted it's a jury rig fix, as I don't know the impact of commenting 
> out the other code in getCause().
> If the impact is a non-issue then do I need to submit a patch for the 
> <10 line fix to get committed, or is this enough info for a committer 
> to do a fix?
> Btw,  first and last names can be confusing in emails, and my actual 
> first name is Bill, not Barnhill.
> This may be an issue with my client or email server.
> Thanks,
> Bill Barnhill
> Jun Yang wrote:
>> Hi Barnhill,
>> Thanks for your diligent work!  My comments are below.  I will also 
>> respond to your next message.
>> Barnhill William wrote:
>>> The readme file in the cornerstone sample zip says that the 
>>> StackOverflowError happens sometimes. For me it's happening everytime.
>>> After doing some hunting and fiddling with logging I think I've 
>>> tracked it down to the following msg/location:
>>> 2003-12-02 12:01:25,702 671  
>>> [main@(org.apache.cornerstone.framework.persistence.factory.BasePersistentObjectCollectionFactory.createCollection(BasePersistentObjectCollectionFactory.java:325))]

>>> ERROR 
>>> org.apache.cornerstone.framework.persistence.factory.BasePersistentObjectCollectionFactory
>>> - collection type definition missing; use 
>>> 'collection.instance.className' or 'collection.factory.className' or 
>>> 'collection.parent.name'
>>> Has anyone fixed this already?
>>> Does anyone have an idea how to fix this?
>>> Also, will it make a difference right now if I use the version in 
>>> CVS, or the one in the zip archive?
>> Until further notice, please use the zip file which is the latest and 
>> greatest.  I have seen many CVS messages showing Scott is committing 
>> the content of the zip into CVS.  The difference between the zip 
>> version and the CVS version will be small (such as the CVS version 
>> uses Maven to build vs. just Ant).  After I get a Jarkata account 
>> this will be easier and the CVS version will be the only version we 
>> use going forward.
>> Jun 

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