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From Jun Yang <juny...@cisco.com>
Subject Re: Service and Component Frameworks
Date Mon, 01 Dec 2003 19:48:30 GMT
Martin Cooper wrote:

>"Jun Yang" <junyang@cisco.com> wrote in message
>>In the Jetspeed Cornerstone Concepts paper, we have a number of
>>Comparison to Other Work boxes for the purpose of comparing it with
>>other (unamed) frameworks and pointing out the unique features of
>>Cornerstone.  We attempted at a comprehensive comparison with Hivemind,
>>Spring and Pico Container and found it too difficult because it requires
>>much more than superficial knowledge of those frameworks.  It will be a
>>great thing if experts of those frameworks can contribute their views.
>I don't mean to be provocative here, but if Cornerstone is sufficiently
>general to warrant comparison with such frameworks as HiveMind, Spring and
>PicoContainer (which does appear to be the case, from the concepts paper and
>presentation), then why would you want to bury / hide it inside of Jetspeed?
No, I don't think the intention is to bury it under Jetspeed at all.  
Jetspeed people were the first to recognize its value and it was 
certainly a great milestone in the life of Cornerstone to make it open 
source and Jetspeed CVS was the best first choice for that purpose.

>Now that Cornerstone is part of the Jetspeed CVS repo, what is the thinking
>on its development going forward? I'm curious about whether it will be
>integrated into Jetspeed to the point where it would not be useful as a
>standalone component, or if the goal is to keep it (semi-)independent. While
>I understand that mass customisation is clearly a factor in portal-land,
>that's not the only space to which it applies, and I can see a use for such
>a framework in non-portal applications as well.
Cornerstone will be an independent layer underneath Jetspeed and can be 
used in any other project.

>In general, I guess I'd just like to better understand the relationship
>between Jetspeed and Cornerstone. (I'm not currently a Jetspeed user, but
>lurk on this list because of my interest in Pluto and its relationship with
>Jetspeed 2 - and now, possibly, Cornerstone. ;)
The relationship is simple: Cornerstone is a generic framework that 
Jetspeed can build on top of.  Jetspeed is an application (hopefully a 
showcase (I am excited about this)) of Cornerstone.

>Martin Cooper

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