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From Nikolaos Athanasis <athan...@ics.forth.gr>
Subject Strange behavior in JSP templates...
Date Wed, 24 Sep 2003 17:14:12 GMT

In my jetspeed application,i have a portlet that gets its content from a
jsp template. If i add a second instance of the same portlet (in other
words: add the same portlet again), it loads it
with another template, although i have the right value in the .xreg file.
Thus , i have to make extra work: Click the customize button of the
portlet and change the template name from the textfield. After this, everything is fine.
But, why does it load the portlet with the right value of the template?

The very strange thing of this is, that the jsp file that uses the second
instance of the portlet, is already removed by me!
How can this appear?

Note: I DONT have anything like : cachedOnURL in my .xreg file for the
name of the template.
Note2: I have removed the produced servlet .java and .class files from the

Thanks in advance!

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