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From "Tim Reilly" <tim.rei...@consultant.com>
Subject RE: Struts as a JSR-168 Portlet Framework
Date Thu, 18 Sep 2003 00:50:18 GMT
I just spent the afternoon "lobbying" for Struts use at the portlet level...
I'm not sure I did very well.

In the end it came down to:

* Each advocate of methodologies will present our representative
use-case:"Add Client Site" developed in their respective methodology this
coming Monday (So for me that means using IBM portlet revision of
Struts1.1-b2 to develop this functionality for Mon.)

The main alternate contenter is using the MVC portlet. This implies coding
the if..else if..else if..else in the controller; however the point was made
that since the responsibilities of a portlet should not be as large as that
of a "normal"  struts application this is acceptible.

* Someone estimated a factor of 4 as the time required to develop in Struts
versus not developing with Struts. This is also the person in our group with
the most Struts experience, so I can't really argue against... except
perhaps to capture my time and present that as well on Monday.

* Others in the group expressed apprehension to the fact that we are using a
modified version of Struts. I mentioned based on a previous post on this
list, that the Struts community is behind supporting portlets as well as
servlets. Your posting here reaffirms this for us so .. thank you.

* I mentioned that although Struts adds complexity it provides; a) a
well-known framework for application development. b) Would ease certain
development and maintainence. c) Provide a proven framework for validation.
d) Allow new team members to "get up to speed" faster since the framework is
so well known.

* I added to the discussion ... that development time may not be a factor of
4 - if solid tools are used to generate certain elements; for example - the
struts-config.xml? Stubs for our Actions and Forms. Does anyone have any
favorite tools that may help here? I've seen EasyStruts on
eclipse-plugins.2y.net but have not used.

I'd love to hear people's thoughts on this topic.

[I realize this is perhaps off-topic for jetspeed-dev, so I am posting it on
jetspeed-user@jakarta.apache.org with same for reply-to; e.g: Trying to move
sub-thread from dev to user?
If it doesn't work right please just reply to

Thanks. Hope hear your thoughts.

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> From: David Sean Taylor [mailto:david@bluesunrise.com]
> Sent: Wednesday, September 17, 2003 2:29 AM
> To: Jetspeed Developers List
> Subject: Re: Struts as a JSR-168 Portlet Framework
> On Tuesday, September 16, 2003, at 09:25  AM, Mete Kural wrote:
> > You are right, David, Struts 2.0 does not claim to be working at the
> > portal layer. That is, as you say, the portal server's concern such as
> > Jetspeed. Struts 2.0 aims to be a framework for building portlet
> > applications (JSR-168 compliant).
> >
> > Right now, Struts committers are re-designing the RequestProcessor to
> > make it flexible for portlet environments as well as plain servlet
> > environments. They need feedback from the portal community in order to
> > make sure that the re-design is done in a way that effectively
> > satisfies the needs of portlet environments. Please take a look at the
> > code in the Struts CVS at contrib/struts-chain. I would recommend you
> > to ask any questions to the Struts committers in the struts-dev
> > mailing list.
> >
> Sounds great!
> I will have a look at the code in contrib/struts-chain
> --
> David Sean Taylor
> Bluesunrise Software
> david@bluesunrise.com
> +01 707 773-4646
> +01 707 529 9194
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From: David Sean Taylor <david@bluesunrise.com>
Reply-To: "Jetspeed Developers List" <jetspeed-dev@jakarta.apache.org>
Date:  Tue, 16 Sep 2003 16:45:50 -0700

>On Tuesday, September 16, 2003, at 05:23  AM, Mete Kural wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> The topic of adapting Struts to be a portlet framework compliant with
>> JSR-168 was discussed earlier. I remember that some of you were
>> interested in contributing to such a project. Now is the opportunity.
>> One of the goals of the next generation of Struts, Struts 2.0, is
>> "Transparent support for a portlet environment (JSR 168)". Development
>> for Struts 2.0 has already begun little by little. Here is the roadmap
>> page for Struts:
>> http://jakarta.apache.org/struts/status.html
>> Please scroll down for the part that is titled "Struts 2.0.x" and then
>> the part under it that is titled "Portlet (JSR-168) Whiteboard".
>> Struts committers are seeking out the help of others to make
>> suggestions and improvements to these initial development stages of
>> Struts 2.0. Jetspeed developers and users can be especially useful in
>> making sure that Struts 2.0 addresses the needs of portlet developers.
>> You can do this by sending your feedback to the Struts committers.
>> Here is what Craig McClanahan wrote about building portlet support in
>> Struts:
>> "One approach to dealing with it has (in fact) already begun -- in the
>> "contrib/struts-chain" subdirectory in the CVS sources is the
>> beginnings
>> of a refactoring of the standard RequestProcessor based on the
>> "commons-chain" package in the Commons Sandbox.  If this actually
>> works,
>> two really good things might be able to happen:
>> * It'll work for both servlets and portlets (you can see how the
>> command implementations are being abstracted so that the chain will
>> just do the right thing for each environment).
>> * It is likely to be backwards compatible with Struts 1.1 as well,
>> possibly with some restrictions yet to be discovered.
>> The best way to get involved would be to check out CVS sources for
>> both jakarta-struts and jakarta-commons-sandbox, become familiar with
>> the code
>> referenced above, and start making suggestions and improvements.  A
>> really good starting point would be portlet-specific implementations
>> of all the
>> commands that currently have only servlet-specific implementations. "
>> I would recommend anyone who is interested to give feedback to the
>> Struts committers on the struts-dev mailing list.
>> Thanks,
>> Mete
>Thanks for the invitation.
>Are there any plans for integrating with Struts with Jetspeed-2?
>I see Jetspeed as doing one thing well: a portal server.
>Struts is good for web (and soon to be portal) development.
>Separation of concerns.
>I would see Struts working at the portal application layer, not at the
>portal layer, which is the concern of Jetspeed.
>Anyway thats just my view...
>David Sean Taylor
>Bluesunrise Software
>+01 707 773-4646
>+01 707 529 9194
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