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From "Mete Kural" <me...@touchtonecorp.com>
Subject Re: Struts as a JSR-168 Portlet Framework
Date Tue, 16 Sep 2003 16:25:47 GMT
You are right, David, Struts 2.0 does not claim to be working at the portal layer. That is,
as you say, the portal server's concern such as Jetspeed. Struts 2.0 aims to be a framework
for building portlet applications (JSR-168 compliant).

Right now, Struts committers are re-designing the RequestProcessor to make it flexible for
portlet environments as well as plain servlet environments. They need feedback from the portal
community in order to make sure that the re-design is done in a way that effectively satisfies
the needs of portlet environments. Please take a look at the code in the Struts CVS at contrib/struts-chain.
I would recommend you to ask any questions to the Struts committers in the struts-dev mailing


---------- Original Message ----------------------------------
From: David Sean Taylor <david@bluesunrise.com>
Reply-To: "Jetspeed Developers List" <jetspeed-dev@jakarta.apache.org>
Date:  Tue, 16 Sep 2003 16:45:50 -0700

>On Tuesday, September 16, 2003, at 05:23  AM, Mete Kural wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> The topic of adapting Struts to be a portlet framework compliant with 
>> JSR-168 was discussed earlier. I remember that some of you were 
>> interested in contributing to such a project. Now is the opportunity. 
>> One of the goals of the next generation of Struts, Struts 2.0, is 
>> "Transparent support for a portlet environment (JSR 168)". Development 
>> for Struts 2.0 has already begun little by little. Here is the roadmap 
>> page for Struts:
>> http://jakarta.apache.org/struts/status.html
>> Please scroll down for the part that is titled "Struts 2.0.x" and then 
>> the part under it that is titled "Portlet (JSR-168) Whiteboard". 
>> Struts committers are seeking out the help of others to make 
>> suggestions and improvements to these initial development stages of 
>> Struts 2.0. Jetspeed developers and users can be especially useful in 
>> making sure that Struts 2.0 addresses the needs of portlet developers. 
>> You can do this by sending your feedback to the Struts committers. 
>> Here is what Craig McClanahan wrote about building portlet support in 
>> Struts:
>> "One approach to dealing with it has (in fact) already begun -- in the 
>> "contrib/struts-chain" subdirectory in the CVS sources is the 
>> beginnings
>> of a refactoring of the standard RequestProcessor based on the 
>> "commons-chain" package in the Commons Sandbox.  If this actually 
>> works,
>> two really good things might be able to happen:
>> * It'll work for both servlets and portlets (you can see how the 
>> command implementations are being abstracted so that the chain will 
>> just do the right thing for each environment).
>> * It is likely to be backwards compatible with Struts 1.1 as well, 
>> possibly with some restrictions yet to be discovered.
>> The best way to get involved would be to check out CVS sources for 
>> both jakarta-struts and jakarta-commons-sandbox, become familiar with 
>> the code
>> referenced above, and start making suggestions and improvements.  A 
>> really good starting point would be portlet-specific implementations 
>> of all the
>> commands that currently have only servlet-specific implementations. "
>> I would recommend anyone who is interested to give feedback to the 
>> Struts committers on the struts-dev mailing list.
>> Thanks,
>> Mete
>Thanks for the invitation.
>Are there any plans for integrating with Struts with Jetspeed-2?
>I see Jetspeed as doing one thing well: a portal server.
>Struts is good for web (and soon to be portal) development.
>Separation of concerns.
>I would see Struts working at the portal application layer, not at the 
>portal layer, which is the concern of Jetspeed.
>Anyway thats just my view...
>David Sean Taylor
>Bluesunrise Software
>+01 707 773-4646
>+01 707 529 9194
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