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From Dan Elder <del...@novacoast.com>
Subject Re: Iframe Portlet with Authentication for external website
Date Fri, 12 Sep 2003 04:09:50 GMT
	What I've been using the portlet for is signing into other webapps that
use the same username/password combination.  I've been using this with
Tiki after modifying the tiki-login to support redirection.  You
basically take an existing web application and point the IframePortlet
at the login page.  Let's use hotmail for an example.  If you look at
their homepage the login portion of the page contains the all important
variables: action, login, and password.  To transparently log in using
the IframePortlet we'll reproduce the login functionality in a http GET
instead of a POST.  With the changes I made to the portlet, instead of
being able to just go to
https://logginnet.passport.com/ppsecure/post.srf you can now go to
	Once you figure out which web page does the actual authentication and
which variables it expects (username/name/User/etc...) for which
variables I defined ($username,$password,$clearpassword,etc...) you can
have the Iframe load with the already logged in version.
	In answer to the second part of your question,  it is good only for
form based authentication.  There is an existing Basic authentication
Iframe portlet which should do what you want.
	If you need any additional information of if my explanation wasn't
clear enough (I'm usually not), I can post further information and
examples including some examples for Tiki.

On Thu, 2003-09-11 at 18:13, Rajendra Kadam wrote:
> Hi all,
> This is in reference to post "Iframe Portlet with Parameter
> Passing" that was posted by "Dan Elder" on this mailing
> list in month of Jun 2003.
> In that, Dan Elder has mentions  IFrame Portlet (extended
> to original one ) which can pass userid and password ( the
> one used to log into Jetspeed Portal ) to websites that
> require Authentication so that it will provide seamless
> access to protected websites too.
> Does anybody has used that Portlet to access password
> protected websites ? 
> Also want to know does it makes "Basic Authentication" as
> well as "Form Based Authentication" ?
> Dan, do you have any examples that will help in
> understanding how protected websites can be accessed ?
> Thanks,
> rajendra
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