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From Joachim Müller <joac...@wemove.com>
Subject possible character encoding bug
Date Thu, 22 May 2003 12:49:19 GMT

hi, I just want to check back before I submit this
to bugzilla:

there is a possible character encoding bug in


line 151

return new String(str.getBytes("8859_1"), getCharacterEncoding());

this leads to errors using german umlaute when rundata parameter 
are encoded with UTF-8. (eg. in the user name: try user name 
&uuml;bel, create an account and try to edit the account)

if the rundata encoding is UTF-8 this leads to errors creating 
the string with umlauten.
does somebody put the fixed encoding here on purpose? If not I 
would propose this modification:

return new String(str.getBytes(getCharacterEncoding()), getCharacterEncoding());

joachim müller


joachim müller
joachim@wemove.com . tel +49-69-759003-11

wemove digital solutions
contact@wemove.com  . tel +49-69-759003-0 .  fax +49-69-759003-22
eschersheimer landstrasse 5 
60322 frankfurt . germany
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