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From "Jeremy Ford" <caius1...@hotmail.com>
Subject [Proposal] Lucene Search Service
Date Tue, 20 May 2003 19:16:43 GMT
I've noticed the new LuceneSearchService and have been giving some thought 
as to how I might like to put it to use.  I'll admit to not having that much 
experience with Lucene, so if anyone thinks that this won't work, just let 
me know.

In terms of the service, perhaps there should be a generic SearchService 
interface of which the Lucene service is an implementation.  That way, if 
there was some other great search engine someone wanted to use, they could 
swap it out.

I was thinking that there could be 4 basic methods.  These would be 
add(Object o), update(Object o), remove(Object o), and search(query).  In 
order to support more than one object type, we could setup the service to 
accept LuceneDocuement loaders, which would know how to turn the generic 
object into a Lucene document that can be added to the index.  Here's an 




So, when it comes time to add the object to the index, the service looks up 
the appropriate object handler, uses it to convert the object to a Lucene 
document, and then adds/updates/removes it from the index.  In terms of 
searching, this would allow all kinds of different indexed documents to be 
returned from a search.  Perhaps a filter could be placed in the search so 
that only certain types of documents that originally came from certain types 
of objects could be returned.

Again, just an idea.  But it strikes me as a powerful one with respect to a 
general indexing solution.

Jeremy Ford

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