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From Koen.SE...@cec.eu.int
Subject RE: JBoss and log4j logging
Date Fri, 23 May 2003 09:47:01 GMT

i'm also using jetspeed also in a jboss environment. And the base of all
problems (logging for one) is turbine. 

I enclosed the java file which contains a patch to work in jboss. But I'd
like someone to put it in turbine. Or even replace the whole logging service
from turbine with the one below. Because jboss isn't the only one with
problems. Weblogic should have them as well.

Another problem with turbine is that it takes it files via the getRealPath
-> new File(getRealPath), which forces users to use jetspeed in an exploded
war file. It would be better if they used getResourceAsStream, but alas I
think they didn't thought about it in those days. Maybe someone has the
courage to do it... I started it at one point but as I don't  know turbine
that well, and we're on a deadline here, I gave up.

Hope this helps,

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From: Evan Bottcher [mailto:evanbottcher@kenisys.com]
Sent: vrijdag 23 mei 2003 11:31
To: jetspeed-user
Subject: JBoss and log4j logging

Hi all,

I'm new to jetspeed and am having trouble with running it under Jboss
(3.06).  It deploys and runs fine however I have some problems with logging.
When the jetspeed webapp is started it reconfigures the log4j loggers that
were set up by JBoss and diverts all logging to the

If I were only running jetspeed on this server then this would not be a
problem, however I run several different applications each using log4j
configured once in the JBoss configuration.

My ideal would be to have jetspeed NOT reconfigure the Jboss log4j
configuration, but to continue logging to it's own files under
/WEB-INF/log/jetspeed.log.  How do I configure Jetspeed to use a different

thanks for any help you can provide,

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