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From "Aurelien Pernoud" <apern...@sopragroup.com>
Subject DBPSML, solution for BLOB instead of LONG RAW (was : serious db psml oracle problem)
Date Wed, 21 May 2003 15:26:02 GMT

Hi there,

I'm working on an easier way to import psml in database than using the
import service (in fact in my case we plan here to use SQL Loader). LONG RAW
is in java terms "deprecated" when you read oracle's FAQ, they say to use

I've seen a bug report (#18298) associated to the bug of psml larger than
4k, and this seems to have been put aside, but I think this is a serious
bug. I've also seen a discussion associated

So I've worked on it (a little), and found what Glen Carl suggested, and
then tried to see the latest cvs for village, but last change is 9 months
old. In fact the way they handle BLOB column is bad (as glen noticed it
too), they treat it like LONG RAW (as Glen said). I've changed the code of
com.workingdogs.village.Value to make it handle BLOB type, and it's working.
Now to import PSML in database, I use a simple sqlloader script that reads
psml files directly, that makes update very easy.

I saw David said he wanted to use BLOB instead of LONG RAW, I think for
nearly same reason as me (Oracle Advanced Replication does not work on this
column type, as well as SQL Loader...), and I wanted to know if it was still
wanted or not anymore. With the patch to handle BLOB type in reading and
reading from db, I think the bug will be solved, and the trouble of David
gone too (and mine :)).

I've applied it locally, this seem to work ok, so I wanted your point on
integrating it or not. The migration from old oracle database is *really*
simple, as Oracle provides a "TO_LOB" method that converts LONG RAW. I
tested it too, ok for me.

The only stuff I don't know about is MySQL and other database, for migration
first (is the TO_LOB function here ? or equivalent ?) and also for the way
they handle the BLOB type from Torque ? If there is no known issue I think
it should go ok... (?)


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