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From Paul Spencer <paulspen...@mindspring.com>
Subject Re: [Proposal] Lucene Search Service
Date Wed, 21 May 2003 12:48:47 GMT
Luta, Raphael (VUN) wrote:

>De : Jeremy Ford [mailto:caius1440@hotmail.com]

>My experience with Verity search engines tells me that usually you don't 
>want to have a single index for all your documents:
>- some serach engines can customize their behavior per index (like
>  metadata indexing, language optimized search algorithms, etc...)
This is an implementation detail.  I have added a "map fields" and 
language to ParsedObject.  The "handler" can parse metdata into Title, 
Description, Language, or a field.  For the Lucene implementation,  the 
fields will be added to the index are will be searchable by adding the 
field name to the queryString, see below.
       queryString = "+jetspeed +rss +myField:value1" would search for 
"jetspeed" and "rss" in the content and "value1" in the field "myField"

>- a suingle index may very soon become *big* and that will create 
>  performance (index update) and administrative issue (index corrpution,
>  backups, etc...)
The actual number of search indexes can be hidden in the SearchService.

>So I'd propose that the service uses a concept of "Catalog"s (matched with
>individual indices) in which you can store objects/documents.
>Jetspeed may use have some well-known system catalog like "portlet" that be
>used system-wise to access all available.
+1 on supporting many SearchServices.  A search service the search the 
portlet registry has been an implementation that I have always wanted.


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