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From "Luta, Raphael (VUN)" <Raphael.L...@groupvu.Com>
Subject RE: [Proposal] Lucene Search Service
Date Wed, 21 May 2003 08:15:35 GMT

De : Jeremy Ford [mailto:caius1440@hotmail.com]
> In terms of the service, perhaps there should be a generic 
> SearchService 
> interface of which the Lucene service is an implementation.  
> That way, if 
> there was some other great search engine someone wanted to 
> use, they could 
> swap it out.


> I was thinking that there could be 4 basic methods.  These would be 
> add(Object o), update(Object o), remove(Object o), and 
> search(query).  In 
> order to support more than one object type, we could setup 
> the service to 
> accept LuceneDocuement loaders, which would know how to turn 
> the generic 
> object into a Lucene document that can be added to the index. 
>  Here's an 
> outline.

My experience with Verity search engines tells me that usually you don't 
want to have a single index for all your documents:
- some serach engines can customize their behavior per index (like
  metadata indexing, language optimized search algorithms, etc...)
- a suingle index may very soon become *big* and that will create 
  performance (index update) and administrative issue (index corrpution,
  backups, etc...)

So I'd propose that the service uses a concept of "Catalog"s (matched with
individual indices) in which you can store objects/documents.
Jetspeed may use have some well-known system catalog like "portlet" that be
used system-wise to access all available.

I've not really thought in detail of the resulting API but I guess 
it could look somewhat like the Registry interface...
> services.SearchService.classname=org.apache.jetspeed.services.
> search.lucene.LuceneSearchService
> services.SearchService.index=WEB-INF/index
> services.SearchService.handler.name=ObjectXHandler
> services.SearchService.handler.ObjectXHandler.classname=com.my
> company.lucene.ObjectXToDocument
> services.SearchService.handler.ObjectXHandler.object_type=com.
> mycompany.ObjectX
> services.SearchService.handler.name=ObjectYHandler
> services.SearchService.handler.ObjectYHandler.classname=com.my
> company.lucene.ObjectYToDocument
> services.SearchService.handler.ObjectYHandler.object_type=com.
> mycompany.ObjectY
> So, when it comes time to add the object to the index, the 
> service looks up 
> the appropriate object handler, uses it to convert the object 
> to a Lucene 
> document, and then adds/updates/removes it from the index.  
> In terms of 
> searching, this would allow all kinds of different indexed 
> documents to be 
> returned from a search.  Perhaps a filter could be placed in 
> the search so 
> that only certain types of documents that originally came 
> from certain types 
> of objects could be returned.


Raphaƫl Luta - raphael@apache.org
Jakarta Jetspeed - Enterprise Portal in Java

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