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From Joachim Dagerot <jetsp...@dagerot.nu>
Subject Can't get JSP/Portlet to work with actions.
Date Thu, 29 May 2003 21:01:14 GMT
I have a class:
public class ShoppingList extends JspPortletAction

And it works great together with my jsp as stated in the registry:

<portlet-entry name="Shopping1" hidden="false" type="ref"
        parent="JSP" application="false">
            <description>        SHOP1    </description>
        <parameter name="template" value="shopping.jsp" hidden="true"
            cachedOnName="true" cachedOnValue="true"/>
        <parameter name="action" value="portlets.ShoppingList"
            hidden="true" cachedOnName="true" cachedOnValue="true"/>
        <media-type ref="html"/>
        <url cachedOnURL="true"/>
        <category group="Jetspeed">Dagerot</category>
        <category group="Jetspeed">dev.test</category>

The buildMaximizedContext and buildNormalContext works as expected. So
I have no doubt that all classes and paths are good.

However I can't manage to get an action from the JSP to work, here's
the JSP code:

<form method="post" action="<jetspeed:dynamicUri/>">
 <input type="hidden" name="action" value="portlets.ShoppingList"/>
 <tr><td><input name="ingredient"></input></td><td><input
name="amount"></input></td><td> <input type="submit"
name="eventSubmit_addEntry" value="Save"/></td></tr>

and here is another fragment from the JSP (for tracking)
    String res = (String) request.getAttribute("JDresult");
    if(res!=null) out.println(res); else out.println("result was

I have a addEntry in my class:

	public void addEntry(RunData rundata, Portlet arg0) {
		rundata.getRequest().setAttribute("JDresult", "Coolness");

But it's never called. The checkAndDoAdditions() adds data to a
database if some parameters exists. If it's ran from the
buildMaximizedContext (or the normal) it's updating into the database
when I press the submit-button above. But when ran from my action
addEntry nothing happens.

I am really stuck here, I have followed all tutorials and guidlines
there is, but no luck. 

Thanks in advance.

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