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From tay...@apache.org
Subject cvs commit: jakarta-jetspeed/test/conf jetspeed-test.properties
Date Mon, 19 May 2003 23:18:58 GMT
taylor      2003/05/19 16:18:58

  Added:       test/conf jetspeed-test.properties
  1. - added ability to run unit tests with a different set of properties
    set your specific properties in test/conf/jetspeed-test.properties
  2. - added ability to set runtime properties by the sys admin (deployer)
     To use 'runtime' time properties, define a directory where you are keeping your
    'runtime' parameters and pass it in as a System Property named 'jetspeed.conf.dir'
    This implementation will take the name of the web application (i.e. 'jetspeed') and  
  use it to  find the name of a properties file. These properties are merged with the    
    Similarly, you can override Torque properties by naming a file in your runtime directory
    as ${webapp.name}_Torque.properties
       jetspeed.conf.dir = /Users/sysadmin/conf
       This directory contains two files:
        1. jetspeed.properties - overrides properties in JetspeedResources.properties and
        2. jetspeed_torque.properties - overrides properties in Torque.properties
  3. Set JetspeedResourceService as the default Resource service
  4. Continue development on Lucene Service, allowing for a different index to be used
     in the system test from the index used in default deployment
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.1                  jakarta-jetspeed/test/conf/jetspeed-test.properties
  Index: jetspeed-test.properties
  # override the Lucene Index for unit testing
  include = ../../webapp/WEB-INF/conf/TurbineResources.properties
  include = ../../webapp/WEB-INF/conf/JetspeedResources.properties
  include = ../../webapp/WEB-INF/conf/JetspeedSecurity.properties

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