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From "Jeremy Ford" <caius1...@hotmail.com>
Subject [Contribution] Portlet Customizer
Date Sun, 23 Feb 2003 23:59:19 GMT
I have developed a portlet customizer that I would like to contribute to
Jetspeed.  I have attached a file with the necessary patches to integrate
the portlet customizer as well as the new templates and code that provide
the functionality.

Please feel free to make comments and/or suggestions.

Please note:  This customizer requires the RemoveMediaTypePatch file to be
applied.  Without it, I believe a casting exception will occur.

Jeremy Ford

How to use:

1) Log in as admin
2) Go to the admin tab.
3) Choose portlet browser

You will notice that you now have the options to add a new portlet, update
an existing one, or delete an existing portlet.

Adding a portlet
1) Click on "Add Portlet"
2) Enter your information
4) Click on "Insert Portlet".
5) You will be taken back to the portlet browser and you should now see your

Updating a portlet
1) Choose a portlet and click on "Update Portlet"
2) You will notice 4 tabs.  These tabs are broken down into info, media
types, categories, and parameter
3) Choose the tab of your choose and make modifications as necessary
4) The info tab allows to modify the main fields of a portlet
5) The media type tab allows you to add/remove media type entries to your
portlet.  By default, there are none.
6) The categories tab allows you to add/remove categories to your portlet.
    Your portlet will inherit the categories of your parent (if it has one).
If your portlet does not have any categories, then your parent's categories
will not show.  Also, you cannot remove the categories that belong to your
7) The parameter tab allows you to add/modify/remove parameters. You can
choose to modify any of the values in this portlet at this point.
8) Since there is so much information that can be attached to parameters,
there is a more link so that you may investigate individual parameters more
thoroughly.  Within this screen, you can choose to update any parameter
fields that you desire.

Deleting a portlet
1) Choose a portlet and click on "Delete Portlet"
2) Confirm your decision
3) The portlet will not be in the browser

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