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From "David G. Powers" <jetspeed-...@pssp.com>
Subject Re: ???NEW WebPageService/WebPageServlet NEW ???
Date Wed, 26 Feb 2003 20:27:29 GMT
On Tuesday 25 February 2003 06:01 pm, David Sean Taylor wrote:
> On Tuesday, February 25, 2003, at 12:16  PM, Norman Schöneich wrote:
> > Is it new ? seems to be very interesting ! Can someone give more
> > information about this service ?
> Its new but not completed.
> I just found this link on the general site. It looks much more advanced
> and has a lot of overlap:
> http://noodle.tigris.org/
> The WebPage service was to be integrated with the WebPagePortlet2.
> It keeps multiple connection state (cookies), and rewrites links back
> to itself, not to the actual page.
> I don't foresee having much time to work on it now

At one point I implemented a WebPageProxyPortlet for a customer.  I wanted
to contribute it but I never got it packaged "just right".  I got
distracted trying to find the "Jetspeed Way(tm)" of doing things and
ultimately ran out of time.

Many contracts later I find myself ready to re-embark on the effort.  This
time around I don't want to get lost in a Castor/XML vs. Torque/RDBMS vs.
PSML config or a "new" HTMLRRewriter vs. "old" HTMLRewriter decision.

Is someone actively working on this?  The task is fairly trivial - I've
already done it once and it worked quite well.  I'm just looking for
someone to tell me which building blocks to use.  I'm not looking for
help with the code - I just want to be steered in the right direction.

Anyone want to identify the tools & techniques to use so the project can
ultimately become an integral part of Jetspeed?


David G. Powers

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