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From Chris Kimpton <kimptoc_m...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: bug with memory freeing ??
Date Tue, 14 May 2002 10:29:23 GMT

--- PierreBESSON@progi-ouest.fr wrote:
> ----- Réacheminé par Pierre BESSON/PROGI.OUEST le 14/05/2002 10:53
> -----
> Hello,
> I made some test with jetspeed...
> I use w2k, jdk13.1_02, tomcat 3.3a, jetspeed 1.3a2.
> Action                    |  java.exe process size
> ----------------------------------
> start tomcat and jetspeed | 21720
> log as admin              | 23860
> logout                    | 24516
> log as admin              | 25162
> logout                    | 25640
> Why tomcat-jetspeed doesn't free the memory ???

I thought that in Java you cannot manually "free" memory - it is
reliant upon the garbage collector to do this.  It might decide to
not do this until more memory was used ...

Thus, it would be useful to know how long you allowed between each of
your steps (ie time for the GC to do some work?)

One thought that comes to mind is that since the browser does not
know when you have left, it keeps a user session for a specified
period of time, so if you login multiple times, it may have multiple
session objects building up, that will eventually expire and release
their memory.

This would be a turbine problem if the logout is not releasing the
session - assuming the servlet api allows you to indicate that a
session is no longer needed.

Also, if you login more times does it continually increase, or is
there a peak?

There could well be specific problems due to memory not being
released - feel free to identify these, any patches would be most


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