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From "David Sean Taylor" <da...@bluesunrise.com>
Subject RE: A brief report on Jetspeed Portlet Caching
Date Mon, 13 May 2002 04:31:41 GMT

I ran a little test, seems like I've got a patch, but haven't tested it
Added the id from the psml-entry into the PortletConfig, and then use it
in getHandle.
Here is summary of the most important changes:


    public static Portlet getPortlet( String name, String id ) throws
    protected PortletConfig getPortletConfig( PortletEntry entry, String
        return pc;

PortletConfig, BasePortletConfig, added:

    public void setId(String id);
    public String getId();

Here is the test portlet:
I put two of these on the same page and the portlet config returned
different ids (so did the 'portlet id')

public class BogusPortlet extends AbstractPortlet 
    public org.apache.ecs.ConcreteElement
getContent(org.apache.turbine.util.RunData data) 
        String s1 = "Config ID: " + getPortletConfig().getId();
        String s2 = ", Portlet ID: " + getID();
        return new org.apache.ecs.ClearElement( s1 + s2 );

    public static Object getHandle(Object config)
        //this implementation expects a PortletConfig object as its
        // configuration 
        PortletConfig pc = null;

        if (!(config instanceof PortletConfig))
            return null;

        // By default, only take into account the init parameters 
        pc = (PortletConfig)config;

        return pc.getId();

If you're interestd I can send you the rest of the code (or just check
it in),


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