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From Glenn Golden <ggol...@umich.edu>
Subject Turbine questions
Date Tue, 26 Mar 2002 01:04:02 GMT
Jason -

I'm working on Jetspeed, and am tracking down a problem with some of the
action code in Jetspeed, which was recently changed to start calling for a
URL redirect.  With Internet Explorer, this doesn't work.  The problem is
that after the code does this:


the Page in effect (it's a JetspeedTemplatePage, but the doBuild()code is in
Turbine's DefaultPage) just keeps going on after the action is processed to
build the screen, and since this code is doing output, Turbine's doGet()
doesn't even have a chance to do the redirect there...

What I'm thinking is that instead of doing it directly as above, the action
could set:


Then DefaultPage's doBuild() could check for this and NOT do any more
processing, and get things setup so that Turbine's doGet() would do the
right thing to do the redirect... or we could introduce a redirect exception
that could be thrown and caught by Turbine's doGet()... or something like

The thing is that once you set the redirect, your not supposed to write any
more body to the response, and this is what is happening.

While Netscape doesn't care, IE just sits there waiting for more input
forever when it gets a redirect and body in this way.

So... What do you think?  Also, I wanted to play around with this possible
solution, but I don't see how to build Turbine.  I have the latest code from
CVS, and I'm familiar with what Jetspeed does to build (i.e. go to the build
directory and say "build war"), but Turbine's build directory is empty at
the moment...  Can you help here?


- Glenn
Glenn R. Golden, Systems Research Programmer
University of Michigan School of Information
ggolden@umich.edu               734-615-1419

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