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From Jefferson Uy <jefferson...@islanddata.com>
Subject bugs in v1.3a3
Date Sat, 30 Mar 2002 01:37:46 GMT

Before I go ahead and log this in Bugzilla, may I bring this up in the list
for guidance whether or not to proceed  logging the following bugs we found
in Jetspeed 1.3a3-dev (March 29) version. I don't want to waste people's
time if these bugs are trivial or are fixed in the latest version.

1) Clicking Update, Cancel and Save & Apply buttons in Customize
portlet/pane pages returns to previous page visited (without regard for page
view history)

Problem: If you click customize portlet (any) then click the back browser
button to go back to the home page (without clicking update or cancel) then
choose to customize another portlet then click update or cancel, the desktop
view returns to the previous "customize portlet" page instead of the home

Proposal: Clicking any of these buttons should always return the page back
to home (or 1st pane)

2) Default Permissions included in package don't work except for "view". The
ones that don't work are "close", "detach", "maximize", "minimize",
"customize" and "personalize". (Or maybe I just misunderstood how these
permissions are suppose to work)

3) In the Customize pane screen, I have the following observations:
- the "add Portlet" button is not clickable if the layout is menu pane or
tab pane
- menu pane, single column, tab pane, single row have "apply" and "cancel"
buttons (btw, cancel works the same way as apply) while the rest have only
the "save and apply" buttons. This is a bit inconsistent so I suggest using
the "apply" and "cancel" buttons instead of "save and apply"

4) I created a new user and assign both the admin and user roles to it.
Following are my observations:
- The new admin user don't have the same default desktop look as the
original admin user (I believe it takes the user role default desktop
- For the original admin acct, the user, permission, group and role portlets
are invisible from the Security pane (if the layout is menu pane). However,
they show up on the menu pane for the 2nd admin user.

5) The "restore" button in the customize portlet screen doesn't work
properly if the route I took is to maximize the portlet first and then
customize it. The error that shows up is:

This should not happen... You have maximized a portlet, but there is no
portlet defined in the http session. 

6) Customize Pane sometimes shows the content of the portlet instead of the
layout. Ex. login as admin, click customize Content pane and you'll see that
the portlet shows up instead of the layout. 

7) "Create Account" and logging in with invalid username or password returns
a "horrible exception" error.

That's all..


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