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From "Setera, Craig" <Craig.Set...@Kingland.com>
Subject RE: Turbine - Jetspeed interaction problems
Date Tue, 26 Mar 2002 15:09:05 GMT
I'm in agreement with Glenn that redirect's are necessary here or at least
the behavior we get when we redirect.  I've found no other good solution
within the limits of HTTP to make the browser do the right thing.  I
originally asked for redirects in Jetspeed a few months back because of the
errors that would arise if the user pressed the back or reload buttons in
certain situations.  It is a bit more traffic, but I believe it is more
"correct" from the user's perspective.

If anyone has another way to do this without redirects and still preserve
the "user experience", I would love to hear it.  I could use something like
that in other web applications.


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From: Glenn Golden [mailto:ggolden@umich.edu]
Sent: Tuesday, March 26, 2002 8:41 AM
To: 'Jetspeed Developers List'
Subject: RE: Turbine - Jetspeed interaction problems

Yes, it means all this extra traffic.  But is the cost worth the benefit?

The goal is to get the browser to have a good URL, one that could be
"reloaded" or "back"ed without fuss and bother.  If we are customizing, or
doing other things that use a different url, and want to switch back to the
portal, we could internaly redirect things so that we respond to an action=
sort of URL with the same response as the /portal one, but then the browser
will be confused if the user hits reload.

A cool solution that lets us send whatever HTML we want AND fix the
browser's URL so that a refresh or back button would get this HTML again,
would be to internally route the request where we want it (somehow), and
then as part of the HTTP headers, tell the browser that, in effect, here's
the *real* URL that goes with the response, forget what the request URL
was... I wonder if there's a way in HTTP to do this?

- Glenn
Glenn R. Golden, Systems Research Programmer
University of Michigan School of Information
ggolden@umich.edu               734-615-1419

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