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From Chris Kimpton <kimptoc_m...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: Using current Torque with Jetspeed - a few problems...
Date Sun, 31 Mar 2002 18:39:29 GMT

--- Chris Kimpton <kimptoc_mail@yahoo.com> wrote:
> How can you use the webappRoot stuff in the Torque.properties file
> -
> I managed to get it to work by specifying a full path to the file.
> Lastly (although this maybe a hsql config issue), I get a DB
> already
> in use error when the Torque connection tries to work.  This will
> be
> because the Turbine user connection is via the old turbine om
> stuff,
> but the dbpsml stuff is done via the new torque stuff - so 2
> separate
> connections.  Is it easy to upgrade the turbine user stuff to the
> new
> torque?  Or just amend the hsql config to support multiple
> connections - assuming this can be done...

I solved (?) this by wrapping the Torque pool so that is looked like
the Turbine Pool Service.  I had to mess around adding a couple of
wrapper classes - for DB/DBConnection - as they are different types
between Turbine and Torque.

The problem still is how to specify the /WEB-INF/ directory in the
Torque.properties file - it doesn't seem to be servlet-aware - or get
past to it the ServletConfig - so it can't use getRealPath to
access/define ${webappRoot}.  Are there plans to extend
Stratum/ComponentLoader to pass this information?  Or is there
another way to track this down.

> Jetspeed points::
> The DatabasePsmlManagerService uses Torque (in the import) - I
> tried
> to move it the late init, but that seems to never get called for
> that
> service...

I solved this by moving the setInit(true) to the start of the late
init method - and then the importer can be done in the late init...
not ideal I know.


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