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From "David G. Powers" <jetspeed-...@pssp.com>
Subject WebPageProxyPortlet - request for comments
Date Thu, 28 Mar 2002 18:55:45 GMT
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I have a working implementation of a WebPageProxyPortlet.  The code is 
still immature but with the gracious blessings of the the company I did 
this for, RyTE Consulting, Inc., I wish to refine and contribute it to 

I would like to solicit comments from the Jetspeed community to incorporate 
into a proposal.  If you have an interest or need for a WebPageProxyPortlet 
please read on.

I will appreciate any and all comments the bring me toward the goal of a 
general solution that works in most (if not all) circumstances.  I realize 
that I am not the first to embark on this type of portlet and would 
especially appreciate feedback from those of you that have either already 
done this or are working on it.

Please respond to the list to keep this a truly collaborative effort.



What does the WebPageProxyPortlet do?
Allow the user to view a URL within the confines of a Portlet container 
(like the WebPagePortlet) .  Navigation within the content of that Portlet 
container will remain within the "same" container.  I used quotes around 
"same" because the entire page is actually reloaded.  The content presented 
in a particular portlet will vary by Session.

Why does Jetspeed need a WebPageProxyPortlet if IFRAME works so well?
The IFRAME Portlet is very good; however, there are circumstances where it 
is not appropriate.  Some of these situations are:

- - The users network must have a route to the server providing the content
- - The users browser must support the IFRAME tag (most recent browsers do)
- - The user can "View Source" to see the URLs of the content provider.
- - ???

Requisite Capabilities

- - HTTP Basic Authentication to access "secured"

- - HTTP POST to submit x-www-form-urlencoded data

- - HTTP Cookies - send, receive, and update cookies (a.k.a. Sessions)

- - Javascript/HTML rewriter to eliminate namespace clashes when multiple 
WebPageProxyPortlets reside on the same Portal page.

- - preserve (or override) formatting and styles used by content provider

- - Constrain navigation to a maximum depth.  

- - ??? Please add to this list!!!!!

- -- 
David G. Powers
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