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From "David Sean Taylor" <da...@bluesunrise.com>
Subject RE: Concept of assigning permissions to roles
Date Wed, 27 Mar 2002 17:13:51 GMT

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> From: Jefferson Uy [mailto:jefferson.uy@islanddata.com] 
> Sent: Wednesday, March 27, 2002 8:58 AM
> To: 'jetspeed-dev@jakarta.apache.org'
> Subject: Concept of assigning permissions to roles
> Hi,
> I have posted this on the user's list but no one has 
> commented on it.. so maybe I'll try it with developers to see 
> if my concept of using roles to limit access to portlets is 
> the way to go or not...
> ===
> I have taken a good look at how Jetspeed works. However, 
> there is one aspect of it that is different from our own 
> concept. This is with regards to the assigning of permissions 
> to Roles.
> So far, the portals I have seen use Roles to choose which 
> portlets/content are available for a user to view/access. 
> However, Jetspeed uses Roles differently such that Roles are 
> used to choose what type of action (i.e., close, 
> customize,detach, info,maximize, minimize, personalize, view) 
> a user assigned with that role can do. 

Roles can be assigned to portlets. See the admin.xreg:

  <portlet-entry type="ref" parent="CustomizerVelocity"
    <security role="admin"/>

This portlet will not be shown in the add portlets list unless the user
has the admin role

> Is there a plan to change this concept in future releases? 

Yes, there have been lots of plans, but no action.
See the cvs /proposals/0004.txt
I believe another security proposal or 2 should be arriving shortly to
this list...

> (to use Roles for choosing which portlets a user can access 
> rather than actions as what it is now is release 1.3a2) 
> Actually, the concept I'm advocating is how the "admin" role 
> works now... such that if I assign a user the "admin" role, 
> all the security portlets associated with admin shows up in 
> the list of portlets to add to the desktop.
> Another question I have is that the permission browser comes 
> with the following default permissions: close, 
> customize,detach, info,maximize, minimize, personalize, view. 

Those are just the default permissions for windows controls.
You can add other permissions to the model.
I was under the impression that this worked. 
If it isn't working, please log a bug in bugzilla

> Only customize seems to work as intended. What are the other 
> permissions for or are they not working? I have an idea on 
> what maximize, minimize may mean but I can't get confirmation 
> since it does not seem to work.

Taking maximize action for example:
If you don't have permission for the maximize button, you won't see it
on the window.

> thanks.. jeff

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