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From Santiago Gala <sg...@hisitech.com>
Subject Re: Jetspeed and Turbine 2.x Head
Date Mon, 26 Nov 2001 10:43:23 GMT
David Sean Taylor wrote:

>>No problem with turbine in my current tests. I'm having problems with
>>xerces/xalan (small things is some stylesheets).
>I seem to remember the problem being JSP when used with a Jetspeed system
>configured with Velocity as the default template system.
>Have you tested that?
At least in my copy, the Hello, JSP portlet is working.

I think that the problem we had (related with response stream buffering) 
is gone, although I'm not sure it will not reappear.

>>I noticed that the turbine torque files that I generated from turbine
>>using ant are different from the ones in cvs. Am I doing something
>>wrong, or they are not updated? I did
>>ant turbine-sql (or something similar, I can't remember).

It was just a pointer to Jason, just in case he forgot to commit turbine 
new database files as torque and database generation changed. Maybe 
these files should be generated during the build process, instead of 
committed in cvs? I'm not sure. The differences seem to be mostly 
cosmetic (spacing, comments, etc.).

>Ive been having a lot of problems getting torque to work with jetspeed's
>versions of velocity and torque. Don't get me started...
>I'd like to use Torque from the cvs head at jakarta-turbine-torque, so that
>I can run Torque from a jar file.
>My goal is to include a single jar file of Torque in the jetspeed
>And to move the general torque tasks into the jetspeed build.xml, such as
>for generating turbine and dbpsml sql and om files.
>I'll try updating to the latest turbine from cvs and test the JSP and Torque
>But I think we will also need to upgrade the Velocity jar.
>Jetspeed has a patch in Velocity that never made it back into the cvs
I'm testing with the velocity-1.2-dev.jar found in jakarta-turbine-2 . I 
will commit it if nobody objects. Can anybody remind me if testing 
against Hello(jsp) in the dynamic pane of anonymous user was enough?

I would like to be able to understand and figure out unit tests. Help 
welcome. ;-)

Also, I have patches that minimize the number of warnings given by 
javadoc. I will go checking in those patches slowly. These are more and 
more important as we approach stabled releases. Please, everybody try to 
correct warnings in javadoc generation before committing.

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