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    Class Name : org.apache.jetspeed.portal.portlets.VelocityPortlet


    Present content rendered via a Velocity template in a portlet.

    Additional information about Velocity is available at

    Element: parameter

    Only the template parameter is required. If the "action" parameter is defined, the referenced class may require additional parameters.

    Parameters common to many portlets.

    Parameter Name Description
    action Name of action class, relative to org.apache.jetspeed.modules.actions. The class file is expected in <jetspeed_home>WEB-INF/classes/org/apache/jetspeed/modules/actions.
    This parameter is optional.
    template Name of VM file. The file is expected in <jetspeed_home>WEB-INF/templates/vm/media_type.

    Example of Registry Entry
      <portlet-entry name="PortletCustomizer"
                     type="instance" application="false">
        <security role="user"/>
          <title>Customize portlet</title>
        <parameter name="template" value="customizer-portlet" hidden="false"/>
        <parameter name="action" value="portlets.CustomizeAction" hidden="false"/>

    Context or Variables available to a Velocity Template

    Below is a list variables that can be used in the Velocity template file. Their values are defined by Jetspeed. For a list of properties and methods available, refer to the Classname documentation.

    Context Classname Description
    action String Class name to process form
    clink JetspeeedContentLink  
    conf PortletConfig  
    config JetspeeedResources  
    data RunData  
    jetspeed JetspeedTool  
    jlink JetspeedTemplateLink  
    portlet VelocityPortlet  
    skin PortletSkin  
    template String Name of Velocity template

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