Dear Raphael (this is the reply of Raphael's email 2 weeks ago),
Sorry Raphael, I still cannot find where is the admin when I try to login using JetSpeed 1.3a2??
I install the jetspeed.jar of 1.3a2, and it work well, but if I try to update portlet got error, in turbine, the yellow navigation is missing, but in admin, crowded.. see the log in this file.
The problem in HomepageCustomizer, but I don't know how to do that???
can you help me to mentor me step by step, so I can be an expert in JetSpeed asap.
I still confuse, is it jetspeed bugs or tomcat+jetspeed installation in my PC??
Can I get your jetspeed.jar file (work version from your PC). I need this so, I can compare it with my installation.
I attach the jetspeed.log, and scenario my draft UAT for JetSpeed. 
Did you do the UAT for your script? This testing will be given to any one who want to try JetSpeed. I think you know UAT.