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From raphael.l...@networks.groupvu.com
Subject Re: Branching for release
Date Wed, 06 Jun 2001 22:00:37 GMT
David Sean Taylor wrote:
> Im experiencing problems with the latest cvs head.
> In summary, I fail to even get the home page with Catalina and Resin.
> With Tomcat, I get the homepage but the NewRSSPortlet is failing.
> See details below...

ABout the Catalina failure, I've found and fixed the bug (related to the 
PSML loading). I'll commit the patch in a few minutes along with a patch
for using the JSP and/or the Velocity files independently (not perfect,

The main problem that will remain is to clean up all the actions and the 
URILookup class so that they don't reference anymore the screen Home but
rather the default template...

I don't experience any issue with the NewRSS or JetspeedContent portlet, did
you try with a completely fresh CVS checkout ?

> Im not having any problems with log4j, it appears to be logging our errors,
> but I will make sure that we use the same version of the jar as turbine.

While you're doing this can you also update the Turbine and Velocity to the one
found in the TDK 2.1 release ?

> WRT to the classes directory, I prefer it that way over having a
> jetspeed.jar. Its better for incremental development.
> I usually change my build to write its output to the WEB-INF/classes
> directory when developing.

I agree for development, for the release binary I think we should have a jetspeed.war
though, much tidier...

Raphaƫl Luta - luta.raphael@networks.vivendi.net

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