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From Jon Stevens <...@latchkey.com>
Subject Re: UpdateAccount Save Password Bug Fix
Date Tue, 01 May 2001 00:12:55 GMT
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on 4/30/01 3:52 PM, "Santiago Gala" <sgala@hisitech.com> wrote:

> [javac] 
> /usr/share/jakarta/jakarta-jetspeed/src/java/org/apache/jetspeed/modules/actio
> ns/UpdateAccount.java:216:
> Method save() not found in interface org.apache.turbine.om.security.User.
> [javac]                 data.getUser().save();
> [javac]                                    ^
> I get this when trying this approach. I think TurbineUser.saveUser(
> data.getUser() ) should work.

I think you mean:


That is the right thing to do. My apologies with that.

Essentially, the point is that *everything* that relates to
User/Role/Group/Permission should be done through the TurbineSecurity class.
The simple reason is that the DBSecurityService class is what implements the
actual storage mechanism on the back end. You could swap that out for the
LDAPSecurityService by editing the TR.props file an instantly get LDAP
support as your datastore.

Note: Role/Group/Permission was only recently converted to be interface
based like the User stuff is. The next TDK will include that.

> Yes, Jon. I was never involved with this code until yesterday. Once I
> committed I noticed that everything was possibly wrong. I have the
> changes outlined here in my local copy, and was waiting for further
> testing to commit them.


> The reason they are done this way is because this code is fairly old,
> and nobody has tracked the evolution of Turbine User system in this
> code. Moreover, the User interface is less than two months old, IIRC.

??? Go look in CVS...it has been at least 5 months.


> Now it is the moment to update this, and I will do soon.
> Thanks for ensuring me that it will work this way.



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